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Solving the polarization crisis requires a humane approach

Technology has made us polarized on the internet, and polarization is a major driver of misinformation.


To counter it, we want to incite everyone to collaborate over information and expand their diversity of views. 

Our approach

The GetAlong project follows three principles:

  • Involve everyone

    • Democracy works on the belief that collective intelligence works, and so do we.

    • Being able to dissent also creates trust in a platform assessing information.

  • Incite collaboration and nuance

    • On social networks and comment sections, producing non-polarized answers should be rewarded.

    • Nuance allows us to find points of agreements, even if in the end we agree to disagree.

  • Promote diversity

    • Lateral reading, aka getting different opinions on a subject we're reading online, is critical to get a good, non-polarized understanding of news.​

    • Users that interact with a diversity of sources and users should be rewarded.

Our Vision: Our Approach

We believe in people

Our projects rely on collective intelligence and allowing everyone to express themselves.


Not just because it's been proven to be more effective than relying on a group of select people.

But because toxicity online often comes from a design that encourages it.

There are far fewer bad people online than we think.

We design for large-scale empathy

It's not sufficient to bring people closer together

Fake News is a very important issue that arises because of our lack of empathy towards each other on the Internet. The very platforms that we use are built to polarize us because it drives up engagement and profits. 
We believe that we can do better. Our goal is to find a way to make empathy and collaboration more rewarding online than polarization.

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